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I thought I had a pretty good handle on the challenges of Diversity... But that was before I met Celia Young. Celia's presentation was nothing short of stunning. Her passion, insight and delivery had an impact on the audience unlike any I'd seen. One could literally see 'the lights coming on' in the individuals who publicly responded to her series of observations and questions. Afterwards, everyone I spoke with said Celia's presentation was one of the most eye-opening, meaningful and practical they had experienced.

Reri MacLean
National President
The Professional Coaches
and Mentors Association


Through Celia Young & Associates consulting and coaching services, Ms. Young helped P&G's Asian Community develop a vision and strategy for retention and advancement of Asian Professionals at P&G. She not only helped improve the attrition rate among our Asian leaders significantly, she and her colleagues also coached 100 leaders including Asian professionals and 'two-up' managers to understand, participate in and own the development of Asian talent - consistent with Company principles and objectives. She helped unleash the leadership potential among promising Asian leaders. She enhanced senior management's awareness and competencies in their ability to manage and utilize Asian talent.


Anthony Y. Tsai
Vice President
Procter & Gamble Company
Executive Vice President &
Chief Innovation Officer
The Beijing Hualian Group



Whole-Person Development

A leader does not just rely on his or her skills; it is who they are that will truly support them to be great leaders. In order to use your "self", you need to know yourself. We work with leaders to reclaim the fragmented parts of themselves. We help them reconnect to their core value so they can help transform their organization that will make profit by doing good. We also provide mid-career development and people skills enhancement for the technical managers.

Executive Development and Leadership Succession

In order to build a sustainable business, we need to have enough leaders now and for the future. Many organizations find a huge gap between generations of leaders. When there is no apparent successor to a leadership position, continuing to hire from outside will not eliminate your organization’s risk of losing its longevity. One of the reasons for the leadership gap is when an organization is full of managers but not too many are qualified to be leaders. We instill leadership in managers in order to prepare them to take on the next level of responsibilities. We provide executive development in conjunction with succession planning. And in order to ensure your organization has an uninterrupted line of leaders, we believe this work is not just needed at the senior level.

Global and Multicultural Leadership

To be a leader in today’s business, you must have a global vision, strategic mindset and capacity to tolerate multicultural ambiguity. We help leaders expand their ability to make meaning and to become more worldly than just nation-focused. We help them become comfortable and competent seeing the globe as their business playground. We help them eliminate their unconscious and cumulative country and cultural bias.

Leadership for Women and Minorities

In the last 30 years of our organization’s work, we noticed that the "cream did not just rise to the top", which means that hard work alone does not guarantee success. In order to retain and capture women and minorities talents for the good of your business, you need to cultivate their leadership potential. However, to help them assimilate to the existing leadership standard of your organization may not be the best way to maximize their contributions. We offer leadership development programs that are tailored to the unique character and needs for women and minorities.

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