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I thought I had a pretty good handle on the challenges of Diversity... But that was before I met Celia Young. Celia's presentation was nothing short of stunning. Her passion, insight and delivery had an impact on the audience unlike any I'd seen. One could literally see 'the lights coming on' in the individuals who publicly responded to her series of observations and questions. Afterwards, everyone I spoke with said Celia's presentation was one of the most eye-opening, meaningful and practical they had experienced.

Reri MacLean
National President
The Professional Coaches
and Mentors Association


Through Celia Young & Associates consulting and coaching services, Ms. Young helped P&G's Asian Community develop a vision and strategy for retention and advancement of Asian Professionals at P&G. She not only helped improve the attrition rate among our Asian leaders significantly, she and her colleagues also coached 100 leaders including Asian professionals and 'two-up' managers to understand, participate in and own the development of Asian talent - consistent with Company principles and objectives. She helped unleash the leadership potential among promising Asian leaders. She enhanced senior management's awareness and competencies in their ability to manage and utilize Asian talent.


Anthony Y. Tsai
Vice President
Procter & Gamble Company
Executive Vice President &
Chief Innovation Officer
The Beijing Hualian Group


Health Check

Celia Young & Associates, Inc. now offers you our exclusive Organizational Health Check™ assessment tool !

This FREE tool provides you with an instant, detailed ‘punch list’ of the unique symptoms and challenges your organization may be facing operating in today’s global market.

We encourage you to print  out your assessment and share it with your colleagues as an internal assessment tool and jumping off point for discussion on how you can implement needed changes together.

Free Assessment Tool – Healthy Organization Checklist

Please click all of the symptoms you have found or believe exist within your organization. For a free, detailed analysis and consultation by one of our professional team members, complete your contact information and click on submit at the bottom of the page.

Claiming "globalization" but acting "Americanization".
Lacking a clear global vision or strategy.
Operating out of alignment with your organization’s core value and vision.
Putting more emphasis on saving your current business but not enough effort on creating new business during troubling times.
Increasing gap between your strategic plan and actual business results.
Having performance issues with the foreign company you acquired.
Having performance issues with leaders in your overseas operation(s).
Increasing underlying internal resentment towards outsourcing.
Lacking readiness to move from using foreign cheap labors to fully competing globally.
Lacking a multinational and multicultural understanding that directly impacts productivity.
Valuing and rewarding measures to perfect the existing business practices more than finding new ones.
Employees not owning the vision and mission statements on the wall
Perceived or real fears preventing truth telling in the workplace which stifles productivity.
Resisting change at any level.
Perpetuating conflict-avoidance at all levels of the organization.
Tinkering at the organization structure and shuffling senior management have not created the desired business results.
Having trouble integrating different business practices as a result of merger or acquisition.
Most mergers are actually acquisitions with an uneven power distribution that causes workforce morale problems.
Recognizing the need to innovate for business success, but being reluctant to challenge status quo or experiment for fear of making costly mistakes.
Being quick to action, without sufficient reflection, awareness and support.
Emphasizing activity without accountability.
Having trouble attracting, developing and retaining diverse talents, especially people of color and women.
Hiring minority leaders from the outside has not helped creating the career pipeline for potential minority leaders inside the organization.
Confusing diversity work with affirmative action.
Putting more emphasis on helping minority high-potential employees to work the system, rather than adjusting the system to incorporate these employees’ diverse talents.
Training, especially on diversity, has not led to culture change within the organization.
Not recognizing diversity work as part of your integral business plan. When business is slow, diversity work gets cut.
Black men becoming endangered species in your organization.
Failing to capitalize on foreign employees’ contributions.
Talking in "teams" and working in "silos."
Claiming to value team effort, but only rewarding the individual performance.
Team performance suffers due to a lack of interdependency, trust, and mutual accountability.
Having a need for more strategic leaders to help build your business future.
Having trouble identifying next generations of leaders.
Managers being too busy fixing the current business problems to think about the future.
Diminishing training budget leaves leadership to emerge by chance.
Having more managers than leaders.
Print  my assessment!
If you are currently experiencing any of these symptoms, you are more than likely losing crucial productivity, innovation and profits. We can help. Fill out the form below for a free analysis of your assessment and a one-on-one consultation.
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