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Training Products

Celia Young & Associates, Inc. is proud to provide a complete portfolio of products and services to enhance your education and growth journey in your personal and professional life. These products and services may be purchased and studied independently, or offer the perfect, cost-effective ongoing education solution following one of Celia Young's Public Workshops, speaking engagements or consultation services within your organization.

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Conference Calls

Celia Young & Associates, Inc. regularly hosts free or low charge conference calls on topics that are timely and relevant issues to doing business in today's turbulent global economy. Calls are held monthly and are approximately 40 minutes in length, and conclude with an interactive question and answer session. We invite you to sit in and listen while Celia skillfully guides you through provocative and challenging questions facing each of us today in our professional and personal journeys.

Visit our Upcoming Calendar for a schedule of upcoming calls and RSVP information.

Mastermind Group Coaching Programs

We believe that the best executives and leaders today get better by surrounding themselves with other like-minded individuals dedicated to their personal and professional development and success. For this reason, we have created our Mastermind Group Coaching Programs, hosted and facilitated by Celia Young. These once monthly group sessions allow us to roundtable solutions to problems facing each of our members, and dive deeply into issues affecting all of us in today's global environment. Mastermind Group Coaching participants also have direct access to Celia Young via email, and one-on-one consultation sessions monthly.

We also help facilitate Mastermind Group Coaching groups between key executives and team leaders within your organization. For more information on our Mastermind Programs, please contact us.

Shadow Coaching

We offer coaching services for coaches, consultants, facilitators, team leaders or managers in the moment or behind the scenes. The "shadow" aspect of this service denotes that we don't directly do the work that our coaches are chartered to do and we are not attached or involved in the actual work or outcome of the work. We offer dialogue, discussions, experiment and practices for our coachees so that they will be more effective in getting the results they want. We offer an extra pair of eyes and ears, and new and different perspectives along with strategies and approaches to the coachee's project. As the result of the shadow coaching, our coachees will increase their professional effectiveness and further their growth as a coaching professional. For more information, contact us.

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