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"Through Celia Young & Associates consulting and coaching services, Ms. Young helped P&G's Asian Community develop a vision and strategy for retention and advancement of Asian Professionals at P&G. She not only helped improve the attrition rate among our Asian leaders significantly, she and her colleagues also coached 100 leaders including Asian professionals and "two-up" managers to understand, participate in and own the development of Asian talent - consistent with Company principles and objectives. She helped unleash the leadership potential among promising Asian leaders. She enhanced senior management's awareness and competencies in their ability to manage and utilize Asian talent.

Lastly, her two-year intervention has helped us at Procter & Gamble become more inclusive as an organization - not only from a "numbers" perspective, but from the heart. Celia brings her whole self to her work including her passion and devotion to the development of people and the organization, she also brings her years of industry experience and professional acumen to every aspect of the work. I look forward to finding the next opportunity to work with Celia and her team of associates."

Anthony Y. Tsai
Vice President
Procter & Gamble (1981-2007)
Executive Vice President &
Chief Innovation Officer
The Beijing Hualian Group

"Celia's workshop was life changing for me. It introduced the use of fundamental life skill tools which have already made a positive impact on the work I do as a professional for a large corporation, in addition to the living I do as a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, and active community member. I have already recommended the workshop to other professionals, family members, and friends. I would recommend this workshop to everyone because the learning is so valuable to the development of a better place to work and a better place to live."

Heidi Moore
Diversity Consultant
Kohler Company

"In over 20 years of writing, delivering and evaluating programs, I can honestly say that Celia's have had the greatest impact. Years after the experience, participants are still talking about what they learned and how it has changed their working and personal lives."

"Celia has that rare combination in her specialty of credibility, business acumen and effectiveness. Both she and her programs have the power to transform. If you're ready to make a real difference, call Celia."

Peggy Edwards
International Services Academy
Toshiba America Medical Systems

"Celia's workshop was deeply meaningful and abundantly practical. I was moved by the depth of insight and personal learning that took place in the sessions. I have been positively changed by the experience and feel the workshop has increased my effectiveness in my work as an internal consultant and leader in my company. There are plenty of "consulting skills" workshops available in the market, but the experience you offer is truly unique. Your work helps people manage the inter- and intra- personal dynamics of the engagement--within themselves and with the client. The workshop reminded me of "old" skills and taught me new skills for tuning into and surfacing underlying dynamics that are often the real drivers of outcomes--positive or negative--in situations. It is so rare to have an experience that combines deep personal insight and growth with practical, applicable skills--and this workshop achieves both. Thanks for a wonderful and robust workshop experience."

Steve Larson
Senior VP &
OD/Diversity Consultant
Wachovia Corporation

"In Celia's workshop, I learned such a simple yet powerful tool of seeing and naming incongruence. I walked away with such feeling that I am whole and abundant. I was reconnected with the whole me, reminded of the importance of cultivating and bringing the whole me to the table, and reminded continually that I was enough. It was a great feeling that in turn lead me to feel more relaxed with greater grace and appreciation for others. Now I understand that my work is not to solve people's problems for them but to facilitate the movement of the client through the full cycle of experience while highlighting figure and ground. It is a freeing yet powerful way to approach change. Sometimes it feels counterintuitive to "sit" with the pain but it is the sitting and feeling that makes the cycle complete."

John O'Donnell
Engineering Manager
Boeing Corporation

"Celia has an excellent ability to combine content and process when she works with her client. She has such holistic approach to her work in transforming individuals and organizations. It was not just about what she does but about who she is."

"Whenever we had an idea for a new project, we thought of getting Celia involved, not because we knew what we wanted her to do, but because we wanted her to be part of this journey with us."

José Ramirez
Global Diversity Strategies
Lucent Technologies

"In Celia Young's presentation "Maximizing Engagement in the Diversity Mission During Troubling Times", Celia taught me how I can personally use my multiple group memberships, assimilation and differentiation to further my career. She is bold, candid and courageous, able to get to the "heart" of the issue in an inspiring way. Thanks!"

Virginia Varhule
Brand Strategy
American Automobile Association (AAA)

"My role as The Program Director for The Executive Coaching Conference for The Conference Board, I invited Celia to speak on a panel of experts on the topic of Coaching Diverse Populations. The panel was a huge success and I invited Celia to return the following year to do a half-day workshop entitled "Using Your Own Presence as the Foundation for Effective Coaching - A Gestalt Approach", which received rave reviews.

Not only has Celia been a successful speaker at these Conference Board events, she has also been a thought leader and I have enjoyed our many discussions regarding diversity and use of self in coach training and development."

Rene Carew, Ed.D.
Conference Program
The Conference Board

"Celia's workshop was a life changing experience for me. With the help of the incredible leaders and participants, a sacred space was created for both personal and professional growths. The principles of Gestalt gave a framework to consulting that is missing from other OD theories. With Gestalt you can become a more acute observer to the dynamics of a situation resulting in greater clarity and precision to your interventions. The design of the workshop effectively balanced theory and practice through use of practicum. This created space for experimenting with new learning in a safe environment.. I learned so much about myself and how I show up with clients in those five days. I just wished I could have been exposed to this work years ago! Thank you for an unforgettable experience and I look forward to participating in future workshops."

Anna Dennis
OD Consultant
Wachovia Corporation

"I thought I had a pretty good handle on the challenges of Diversity. As in immigrant I'd experienced painful discrimination. I'd worked for democratic principles and equal voting rights. And, as a psychologist I was aware of the roots and complexities of prejudice. But that was before I met Celia Young.

Celia Young's presentation, "Change Leadership in an Increasingly Diverse World" was nothing short of stunning. Her passion, insight and delivery had an impact on the audience unlike any I'd seen. One could literally see 'the lights coming on' in the individuals who publicly responded to her series of observations and questions. Afterwards, everyone I spoke with said Celia's presentation was one of the most eye-opening, meaningful and practical they had experienced."

Reri MacLean
National President
The Professional Coaches
and Mentors Association

"I have thought many times of the experiences we had together and what I learned from Celia's workshop. Informally, I have had several opportunities to test a few of Celia's models on individuals and in two cases with a group. We deal with some very complex organizational issues in 4-H and models are almost always very helpful in trying to support folks to see the dynamics more clearly! THANK YOU for giving me some new ways to approach a big OD challenge that will probably take a long time to get my arms around!!"

Susan Halbert
National 4-H Council

"Celia Young was a guest presenter/facilitator for the Minnesota Organization Development Network monthly evening meeting in January 2009, followed by a full -day workshop - both on Developing a Truly Global Organization. For both meetings we drew primarily leaders and OD practitioners from Twin Cities businesses, such as Cargill, Thomson Reuters, ADC Telecommunications, and 3M, who operate globally. Celia challenged even experienced international players to think more about unconsciously being America-centric and about what it means to be truly global - not just everywhere. Celia is an energetic, knowledgeable facilitator who naturally prompts re-thinking old assumptions."

Anne Sturdivant, Ph.D.
Program Committee
Minnesota OD Network

"The California workshop was just what I needed at that moment. I was able to take a look at some important places I was stuck in family relationships and to look at some areas of my life that I need to move on. Of course, identifying what needs to change is only half the battle, but I had some very key revelations during those intense days and they gave me a couple of years worth of things to take action on.

What I really want to say though, is how good you are at the kind of work you did. I nicknamed you Zen Master because of how you brought your ancient Chinese wisdom in the Gestalt modality and created the space for the 12 of us to all do amazing work. In session after session, whether practice or group or just warming up, we were able to go far beyond any place we had imagined before the workshop started. I would say this is the work you were born to do and I have been telling anyone who seems ready to move to the next level about what you are doing. I thank you and my compatriot learners and your staff for 3 and 1/2 days well spent."

Norman Jones
Diversity Consultant

"Celia Young has been an invaluable resource in assisting our organization in dealing with personnel conflict issues through coaching and team development. Celia's approach in working with individuals, groups and total systems through her "Cycle of Development" model has proven to be highly effective."

Jim Clark
Deputy Executive Director
California Teachers Association

"I left Celia Young's presentation on "Maximizing Engagement in the Diversity Mission During Troubling Times" feeling energized and seeing a clear path in our strategy. I learned - surprisingly! - that I am part of a subordinated group and important communication techniques in my work and personal life. Celia was inspirational in her direct, straightforward, and honest style. I would love to follow up with her personally."

Joe Higgins
Project Manager &
Pride Leader
American Automobile Association (AAA)

"The intent of this workshop was very consistent with my own journey of personal growth: becoming more intimate with the alienated parts of myself. Through the unique models presented, the practicum experiences, and the personal growth structure, I came away with a solid and specific plan of action to integrate more of my shadow-self. Finding our "way home", back to ourselves is a crucial journey. This workshop provided me with an even clearer map to take the next steps along the path of integration. Thank you."

Chris R. Bamford
International Business
Americhem, Inc..

"It's now been 4 weeks since our workshop was completed. I, and those close to me, seem to have been already impacted by Celia's teachings and the work she led there. Her lessons on the meaning of Self really clarified the meaning of "presence" for me. I learned a whole new power of journaling from the way she used it to help us deepen our knowledge of ourselves. And all of the models that she introduced along with the immediate reinforcing practice have already helped me in several on-the-job situations. They've provided me both new means for framing difficult interpersonal situations and valuable references for then leading --- with heart --- towards new understanding and more healthy relations between all involved. Remarkably, my "container" for working with people suddenly got noticeably bigger, in dimensions much richer than mere size. And my practice of Celia's teachings has enabled me to build new bridges between parties formerly in substantial conflict. Powerful lessons !!!"

Tom Carey
Scientist &
Program Manager
Los Alamos National Lab

"Celia's view of the world and how it impacts people in various stages of their lives has really impressed me. Her view has allowed others to understand, accept and embrace the myriad of cultures we have in the U.S. She has demonstrated through her talks and trainings that people bring their cultural values, perceptions and views with them to their companies, organizations and social networks, and that these experiences can and do enrich our lives if we let them. I am also impressed Celia's passion for life and for her interests in improving herself so that she can help others. She has often reached out to me to ask about programs, classes, speakers, and events that will allow her to broaden her knowledge and enrich her expedrience as a person and as a citizen of the world. Her perspectives and experiences make her one of the most fascinating people I have ever met. I recommend her wholeheartedly."

Bill Imada
Chairman and CEO
IW Group, Inc.