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Each company's business issues in today's global market is different, and therefore our approach for working with your organization will be tailored specifically to your unique needs and goals.

We offer to each of our clients a customized combination of training, speaking, consulting and coaching services as it best serves your needs. See below an overview of our major areas of consultation service:

Organizational Development for Global Business:

Are you truly global?
Or are you just everywhere?


Whether you have offices in 10 different countries or just one operation in small town U.S.A., your business is ultimately connected to the global economy. Your organization and your people need to be ready to play on the global stage. We consult in the areas of:

  • Culture Change
  • Organization Redesign
  • Performance Management
  • Technology Transfer
  • Merger/Acquisition

Diversity Management:                                            

Are your people allowed to be different? Or do they just look different?


"Diversity" is not a quota system. And to become truly diverse, you need to do more than just attend a workshop.

We help you use "diversity" as a tool to increase your business' competitive edge globally. We consult in areas of:

  • Creating an Inclusive Work Culture
  • Leading and Managing a Global Workforce
  • Retaining and Developing Diverse Talents
  • Working in Diverse Teams
  • Accessing Diverse and Emerging Markets


Do you have true leaders? Or do you have managers who reluctantly occupy the space for a leader?

Leadership sometimes has nothing to do with one's title or position. Leadership is an ability to influence others. Leaders are often defined by the people who follow you. Do you want them to fear you, or rather, be inspired by you?

We offer coaching and consulting in:

  • Whole-Person Development
  • Executive Development & Leadership Succession
  • Global & Multicultural Leadership
  • Leadership for Women and Minorities

Team Building:

Do you constantly keep your teammates on your radar screen? Or are you on so many teams that you can barely run from one meeting to another?

We develop high performing and sustainable work teams by helping them to reconcile their differences and to rally around their common vision and goals successfully.

Here are some samples of our work:

  • Intact Work Units
  • Senior Leaders Teams
  • Cross-Functional Teams
  • Multicultural & Global Teams

Contact us for a free one-one-one consultation to learn about how we can help you implement the appropriate services or programs into your organization.