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Here are some examples of how we have solved leadership, productivity and performance challenges for companies like yours. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

Getting a multinational transition back on track.

A multinational company was in the process of moving some parts of its IT functions to Asia. The project team had been working on the technology transfer when things started to stall. The team had four different countries represented.  

By using our "Cycle of Development" model, we helped identify a major part of the problem having to do with the multicultural gap. We helped the team learn to understand their cultural differences and how the organization's culture impacted people from different countries differently.

We then helped them negotiate a working agreement in order to reconcile their differences and take advantage of these differences to enhance the quality of their teamwork.

As a result of our work, relationships among the multinational team members improved and the team went back on track with its mission.

Increasing retention by recognizing cultural values.

A multinational company had experienced over 45% attrition rate among its Asian first line professionals for a few years.  The company average attrition rate was at 12%.

We helped identify that the major problem had to do with Asians' cultural value continuing to run contrary to the company culture. Asians' strengths were seen as weaknesses. It did not matter how hard they worked, they could not meet the performance standards which were based on the dominant culture.

We coached the Asian professionals along with their direct supervisors and one-up managers. Within a year, we coached a total of 100 people. By using a triad-coaching model, we were able to empower the Asian employees and to teach them how to navigate in the organization culture that was often different than theirs. We were also able to coach the supervisors and the one-up managers to have better cross-cultural management skills. Most importantly, we were able to help them move toward making the organization system more inclusive in order to retain more Asian talents.

Helping shift a corporate culture.

A multinational company has been in a culture change process for the last ten years.

We are part of the consulting effort to help educate the people from the CEO and his top cabinet to the rank and file, of the importance of valuing difference. We also have begun to help institutionalize the change for this company in order to create a workplace that is flexible and open to hear new and different voices. Only then, can it support innovation in order to compete in the changing market.

Along the way, we continue to help manage resistance while developing new leadership that is bold and passionate to build the kind of future this company needs.