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Our Global Mission

True globalization happens when national boundaries become less important and people operate more as one community. This requires us to appreciate our interdependency as human beings. This also requires us to share power and resources.

At Celia Young & Associates, we are in the business of developing value-centered leaders and organizations that will help make this global community a reality.

  • We help people and organizations reach their full potential everywhere around the globe.
  • We help create an organization climate that is conducive for its members to devote their passion and contribute their uppermost energy and talents, in order to achieve business success.
  • We help organizations align with their highest goals and vision. We coach and develop globally competent and multi-culturally versatile leaders on an individual and group basis, to mold a new organization that is open to and capable of fully utilizing the "diversity" of its people. We help build an inclusive organization culture that fosters the spirit of innovation.
  • We help business succeed by contributing to the improvement of quality of life on this planet.
  • Most importantly, we help businesses succeed by striking a balance between profit and conscience.