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September 28, 2008 
Dear Celia,

Have you ever noticed that just right after the sun goes down from the horizon, the sky all of a sudden bursts into bright orange color.  Last night, the dark blue ocean was calm as if it was also mesmerized by the sunset.
In this newsletter, I will continue to explore the topic of leadership and inform you of our upcoming education events including our Gestalt Intro workshop entitled, How to Use Yourself to Have a Better Impact and Influence in the Work You Do scheduled for January 21 through January 25, 2009.  Please join us or send someone.  And we are also here to help your business succeed with integrity.
May our newsletter inspire you to become more fully who you are in order to transform your organization for the greater good.
Have an endless summer.
Love & Light,
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A Sharing Moment, from Celia Young

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Leadership is a Co-created Reality

At first, it was the credit crisis. Then, it was the housing market decline.  Now it is the failing Wall Street.  It has been so easy to find something to get angry about lately.  We seem to forget the collective "greed" that we share.  The American economic powerhouse is built on the circulation of wealth on paper.  We are all related to this bubble blowing game.  Many of us dream about cashing in on the growing equity of our real estate or the gains and returns on our stock investment or 401K.  "Greed is good", said the character played by Michael Douglas in the movie "Wall Street."  Nevertheless, the crowd is seething to find someone to blame and the politicians play into this as well.   In reality, we as the masses have played a major part to co-create our own demise.  When in doubt, it is so easy to stone the leaders.  Maybe we should be angry at ourselves for blindly following the leaders that we put up on the pedestal in the first place.  We handed them their power.
Back in August, watching the eighty thousand people filled the Mile High Stadium in Denver to hear Senator Obama speak; someone said this was more than a political campaign.  This was a movement.  I could see the emotional surge on many teary faces.  What did Obama do to create this energy?  The answer may not all be within him.  Listening to his speech, it became clear to me that the world, amidst all the chaos, has been longing for an orator-kind of leader who can rally the crowd and ignite the inner power of each human being to move toward a future.  This power is the power of self, power of vision, and power of the human spirit.  Often we mistakenly believe that all we need is one person who can lead us out of the fire.  We look at the qualifications of the candidate to see if she or he has the capability to save us.  We ask our leader to solve the problem for us.  I have not seen too many leaders who can single-handedly accomplish this task but people keep insisting on living this illusion.    What I believe the world needs is a leader who can inspire us to find the "power" and the "light" within ourselves to solve our own problems.  Besides being an inspiration, the most effective leader, whether a CEO or a president of a country, is the one who can gather a group of smart people who are inspired to do great things.  We created the current economic crisis together.  And we need to have enough courage and wisdom to get out of it together as well.
In the opening ceremony for the 2008 summer Olympic game in Beijing, movie director Jhang Yee Mu did not have to make a speech or pound a nail in the building of the gymnasium or putting the show together.  But he was able to inspire and organize people to come together and perform with such precision and beauty.  The one undisputable ingredient to China's success was the pride in these Chinese performers and the country.  They woke up the pride in all of us.   We are inspired to find the "leader" within.  Obama has also tapped into that spirit of aspiration and human capacity.  He painted a clear picture of who we are, where we are going and what we are meant to be.  We saw ourselves in that picture.   Whether or not Obama will become our next president, he has reminded us what kind of leaders we can become.
Change comes from finding the spirit that energizes us to move and the right picture to move toward.
Practicing Gestalt enables us to quiet down in the middle of chaos and find that clear picture and energy within to make a difference as leaders.

Sponsored by Celia Young & Associates, Inc.
How To Use Yourself

An introduction of Gestalt principles and their application
January 21 through January 25, 2009 
Location: South Orange County, California
Workshop Leader: Celia Young, President & CEO, Celia Young & Associates, Inc.
Workshop Co-leader: Deborah Ranier, Organizational Development Consultant
In this modern world we live in, we spend our most energetic hours in a day at work. Regardless of what we do, most of us want to make a difference. Our success often depends on our ability to impact and influence our environment effectively. This workshop is designed to help participants increase their effectiveness at work by introducing to them some of the basic Gestalt theory, concepts, methodology and its application in the work world.

Workshop Outcome
At the end of the workshop, participants will have:
- gained a keener sense of awareness of themselves and their environment in assisting them to see the choices they have
- expanded their ability to make clearer and more effective interventions in their work
- learned to stop getting in the way of their natural process of work by trusting their own and their clients' experience
- become bigger than the tools and techniques they carry
- magnified who they are, what they already know and do, in a more succinct manner.

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