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November 11, 2008 
Dear Celia,

So much has happened since our last newsletter.  While the economic condition remains depressed, we somehow have gotten some new hope since a new president along with a new administration is coming in. 
In this newsletter, I will continue to explore the topic of leadership and encourage you to read my writing and let me know your thoughts as well. 
I am excited to do an Asian Leadership development program in Indianapolis next week.  I will deliver a one-day workshop on "Global Leadership" for the Minneapolis chapter of OD Network on January 14, 2009.  And most importantly, To follow our tradition, we will offer our Gestalt Intro workshop entitled, How to Use Yourself to Have a Better Impact and Influence in the Work You Do scheduled for January 21 through January 25, 2009 in Orange County, California.  Please join us or send someone.  And we are also here to help your business succeed with integrity.
May our newsletter inspire you to become more fully who you are in order to transform your organization for the greater good.
Enjoy the fall season.
Love & Light,
Celia Young & Associates, Inc.
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A Sharing Moment, from Celia Young

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Leadership From Another Angle

Change is in the air.  Can you feel it?
Like many people, I cried when it became clear that Obama is the next president of the United States.  Not only many people in the U.S. were excited, people from many other countries were as well.  They reacted as if they have been waiting for a change leader for a long time.   Now finally they have someone that they want to follow.
Many years ago, I went to visit China, my parents' homeland for the first time.  Folks on the street offered to buy the faded blue jeans I was wearing.  I realized that the blue jeans represent the American spirit.  America, to many in the world, is a symbol and an ideal of liberty, democracy, opportunities, hopes and self-reliance.   This is the leadership quality that the world wants.  However, despite its wealth, natural resources and ingenuity, the core base of America's citizens are still quite provincial.  Throughout history, when in challenging times, they tended to fall back on the 'small town value" and "lone ranger on the white horse".    This "close the door and look at our own navels" or "going alone" mentality only made us more isolated and disconnected from the world and ignored the fact that our fate is intertwined with the rest of the world.  For decades instead of using its symbol and ideal, Americans, arms with such beliefs that we are the only hero and protector of the free world, have depended on the country's wealth, its industrial engine and its weapons to wield its leadership around the globe.  The world has adapted to this kind of leadership because they saw no other choice.  We use these powers to buy influence and cooperation.  Our relationship with the rest of the world has mainly been transactional. Leading by fear and by creating dependency might have temporarily won us the battle but have not won us any peace.  Great empires rise and fall like this throughout history.
A leader like Obama represents someone that the people finally can project their hope onto.   Leading by inspiration and empowerment, people will follow you with their heart and soul forever.   However to put one person on a pedestal as if he or she alone can save us from all our problems, is not only unrealistic, but downright dangerous.  Leadership is defined by its followers.  Who are we as followers?  Do we want to continue to be sheep or should we try to be leaders in our own sphere of influence?  What is our world view?  How can we educate ourselves and expand our understanding of the world we live in? How can we help our enterprise and nation fulfill their highest potential and transform the world?  What would happen if we just let one man rule the world or fall on the sword? We want a change leader but what changes need to happen to ourselves?
On one side of my living room, I have a painting that spans from the ceiling to the floor.  It is full of bright colors, yellow, green, blue and purple.  It looks like sunlight shining on slashing water in a virgin forest.  The name of the painting is "Pacarena", an Amazon Indian word for "doorway".  We are at the door for a new dawn.  This is the time for deep contemplation.
I wish you are ready to open your door for a new beginning. 

Sponsored by Celia Young & Associates, Inc.
How To Use Yourself

An introduction of Gestalt principles and their application
January 21 through January 25, 2009 
Location: South Orange County, California
Workshop Leader: Celia Young, President & CEO, Celia Young & Associates, Inc.
Workshop Co-leader: Deborah Ranier, Organizational Development Consultant
In this modern world we live in, we spend our most energetic hours in a day at work. Regardless of what we do, most of us want to make a difference. Our success often depends on our ability to impact and influence our environment effectively. This workshop is designed to help participants increase their effectiveness at work by introducing to them some of the basic Gestalt theory, concepts, methodology and its application in the work world.

Workshop Outcome
At the end of the workshop, participants will have:
- gained a keener sense of awareness of themselves and their environment in assisting them to see the choices they have
- expanded their ability to make clearer and more effective interventions in their work
- learned to stop getting in the way of their natural process of work by trusting their own and their clients' experience
- become bigger than the tools and techniques they carry
- magnified who they are, what they already know and do, in a more succinct manner.

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