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December 15, 2008 
Dear Celia,

As a faculty member of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, it gives me a great pleasure to tell you that we have launched our second training program called "Becoming an Effective Organization Intervener" (BEI) last week.  This is a 9-month program.  Many people who signed up for this program did so despite the economic challenges that have caused them to have personal and career stresses.  But they saw this as not only a transitional but also a transformational learning opportunity.  Often during hard time, we get to find out what we are truly made of.  If we get beyond the negatives, we can actually see this as a perfect time to find out who we are, what dreams we have and expand our capacity to fulfill those dreams.
If you are interested in retooling yourself for your future but you may not be ready to participate in a 9-month program, why not come and join us in our four-day workshop called, "How to Have a Better Impact and Influence in the Work You Do" on January 21 through 25, 2009 in Southern California? 
This workshop provides experiential learning for a few fundamental Gestalt principles.  Within a few days, you will have a life-changing experience that will propel you to take bigger steps toward your goal as a professional and as a human being.
I am sending this letter to you because you have supported me along my learning journey.  I want to invite you to come or send someone who can use an uplifting experience in this challenging time.
Please see more workshop details below.
Along with a short essay called "Books" following this letter, I wish you a peaceful and reflective holiday season.

Love & Light,
Celia Young & Associates, Inc.
phone: (949) 388-7882
A Sharing Moment, from Celia Young

Celia Photo 2


 Every time someone recommends a book, I would panic a little because I would have to add it to the list of books that I have not read.  When I do have time to read, I tend to read a wide variety of books that fit my mood in the moment.  Often, I would start several books at the same time.  Jumping from the middle of one book to the next, makes me feel like I am hopping from one roof top garden to the next among buildings. To expand myself, I prefer to read fictions, in addition to professional books.  I like books that paint vivid pictures as if I am part of the stories. 
To expand my mind, I used to go to Taos, New Mexico several times a year.  I would take a writing class with my favorite teacher Natalie Goldberg in the morning.  Then in the afternoon, I would read books at Cafe Taza, or tried my hand at writing.  I would just follow my mind and let my hand keep moving. 
Reading and sometime writing increase my senses and awareness.  At the end of each trip, I felt I was so close to my "self" that my client work became sharper and more grounded. 
Not too long ago, I finished Lisa See's "Peony in Love".  Right now, I am near the end of Amy Tan's "Saving Fish From Drowning".   I just started Khaled Hossesini's "The Kite Runner."  I dream about all the characters at night.
Tell me what you are reading.  I am sure I will have to add to my list.

Sponsored by Celia Young & Associates, Inc.
How To Use Yourself

An introduction of Gestalt principles and their application
January 21 through January 25, 2009 
Location: South Orange County, California
Workshop Leader: Celia Young, President & CEO, Celia Young & Associates, Inc.
Workshop Co-leader: Deborah Ranier, Organizational Development Consultant
In this modern world we live in, we spend our most energetic hours in a day at work. Regardless of what we do, most of us want to make a difference. Our success often depends on our ability to impact and influence our environment effectively. This workshop is designed to help participants increase their effectiveness at work by introducing to them some of the basic Gestalt theory, concepts, methodology and its application in the work world.

Workshop Outcome
At the end of the workshop, participants will have:
- gained a keener sense of awareness of themselves and their environment in assisting them to see the choices they have
- expanded their ability to make clearer and more effective interventions in their work
- learned to stop getting in the way of their natural process of work by trusting their own and their clients' experience
- become bigger than the tools and techniques they carry
- magnified who they are, what they already know and do, in a more succinct manner.

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