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March 7, 2012 

To all the old friends, it has been a long time since I have been in touch. To all the new friends, I want to welcome you to my network.

Can you believe we are more than one month into the Chinese New Year?

The Year of the Dragon symbolizes progress, abundance and unpredictability as well. So, for global businesses, this year we should see signs of growth and we will need to be continually flexible in our strategies.

Despite all the economic challenges in the last few years, there have been plenty to be grateful for and life certainly presents itself with many lessons and opportunities.

To stay true to my New Year resolutions, I am committed to write more and communicate more.  So, I am planning to send you a letter every month. The purpose of this letter is to share:

  • Business information
  • Reflection on the global affairs
  • Organization change insights
  • Leadership development inquiry
  • Education Opportunities

And I also want to draw your attention to my blog posts created in the previous month for the same purpose. 

If you’d like to hear from me more often, I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/celiayoung

The following are the four blogs I posted in February.

Why Do We Call Them “Soft Skills”?

After working in the business world for more than 38 years, I noticed when a business performed poorly; very often it was because of the lack of people energy.  The greatest strategic plan will not work if we don’t have the right organization culture that encourages the people to get on board to implement it.  The energy, whether of the individual employees or the whole organization, is the glue that holds the business together.  There is nothing “soft” about it. (Read more.)

Can You See Me? - An Asian American Experience

The basketball world has been taken by a storm because of Jeremy Lin, the first Asian American player that got into NBA.  As a fellow Asian American, I felt proud and exhilarated that one more career barrier has come down for us.  On the other hand, I continue to reflect on how Asian stereotype has kept us invisible. (Read More.)

Where is the Humor?

As Jeremy Lin becomes a rising star, his achievement has increased the visibility of all Asian Americans.  This visibility unfortunately dragged out the ugly side, the unfinished racial bias against Asians in this society.  The question is: Why should anyone have the license to use humor at other’s expense? (Read more)

Is Our Soul for Sale?

When a company asks the employees to assimilate to its existing culture, is there a point when it stops getting the best of its employees?  When we try to adapt and change ourselves too much in order to keep our job, have we just lost our precious “self”? (Read more.)

I invite you to read these articles and welcome your comments.

Lastly, I am so excited to tell you that I am re-launching our public workshop entitled, “How to Use Yourself to Effect Change: Based on Gestalt Principles”. After 3 years of silence, I decided it is time to offer this workshop again. 

Regardless of what we do, most of us want to influence others and effect positive change on the job and in the world. We want to work with individuals, groups or whole organization to successfully solve business problems through coaching, leading, facilitating, influencing or intervening. Our success often depends on our ability to impact our environment effectively. In order to lead change, we first have to change ourselves. When we have changed ourselves, the people and the environment around us will be encouraged to change as well. 

This workshop is designed to help develop the best tool for change, your “self”. Please click here to get the full brochure.

To Your Success

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